About us

The company began life in 2006 as a network of music labels "Headway Music", carrying out the commercial production and distribution of musical products on vinyl media.

From 2006 to 2010 on sub-labels of more than 450 vinyl releases were issued.
Since 2009, Multiza provides services to the international music distribution available to independent labels and musicians.
In 2012 he became available multiza.com portal for the company's customers, significantly simplifies the process of delivering content to the shops.

The Distribution Multiza - an automated system for distribution of your digital content in all the world's known online stores. Our partners include more than 300 unique sites, and we are constantly looking for new ways to distribute your releases. Publish your music, books, or videos, and profit from the sales.

With us, your music gets on the world's largest portals (such as ITunes, the Google, the Juno, Amazon's, Spotify's, the Beatport, 7Digital , and others), and it is no secret that getting into these stores guarantees musicians and labels increase awareness on the world music market. Commercial download your content will be available worldwide, 24 hours a day!

distribution Model


Direct contracts with major digital platforms, combined with the ever-expanding list of partnerships, local presence in the European and Asian markets, as well as the licensing of content, can significantly increase the collection of royalties for our clients, as compared to other music distributors.

A direct comparison of revenues from the sale of albums with Multiza Distribution and other major publishers illustrates the significant increase in the revenues collected Multizoy. 

How it works