How to sell music in ITunes

Sooner or later, every musician, after several releases on record labels, begins to think about starting a music label.
Create your own label has a number of advantages. You will be able to publish their own music and the music of your musicians, without intermediaries, and derive maximum benefit from the release of your album.
You will be able to control the release dates, pricing, and promotional campaigns of your label, while possessing full sales statistics.

Multiza  - is the best solution for musicians, music labels owners and aggregators. Now you can focus directly on the creation of music, ensuring maximum revenue from its sale, and all other concerns will assume Multiza. You will be able to open his own music label and easy. With us, your music gets on the world's largest portals such as  Google Play, Itunes, Juno, Amazon,    Spotify, Beatport, 7Digital, and others, and it is no secret that getting into these stores guarantees musicians and labels increase awareness on the world music market. Commercial download your content will be available worldwide, 24 hours a day!  

We offer a single contract for the distribution of music of your content, in which there is no hidden fees, which can be terminated at any time at your request. Our system is constantly evolving, and increases the number of sites for the dissemination of music.

selling music on ITunes
Create your own music label today! Must pass  REGISTRATION  in the system.


selling song on Itunes

Multiza Distribution - an automated system to create a label and distribution of your digital content in all the world's known online stores. Our partners include more than 350 unique sites, and we are constantly looking for new ways to distribute your releases. Publish your music, books, and profit from your label sales.


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How it works

CREATING music labels

In order to start working with the world's largest on-site partner of our service, you need to complete the registration and verification of the account. Then you will be able to register their own label, and sell music on portals independently, without intermediaries. Here are answers to common questions, dedicated to the discovery of his own record label.

What is the music label?

Historically, the music can be delivered to the shops only under the direction of the music label.
The formation of this culture took place in the days of ubiquitous vinyl records. In these times as a music label, performed the record company, which was engaged in the selection of material, work with artists preparing for the print edition, as well as advertising their albums. With the transition to digital media, labels work has changed, but to this day the value of the labels does not lose its relevance.

What does the music label today?

Like a hundred years ago, the label responsible for the preparation and commercially successful releases issued.
Issuing label collaborates with musicians, prepares to leave the artwork (album cover), and music content (audio mastering).

Do I have a legal entity for the label in stores registration?

You do not necessarily have a legal entity, with all interaction shopping provides our company.

How to create a music label in MULTIZA system?

You need to create your music label in the control panel in the "labels" to add a logo and a description.
After sending your first album to the publication, the label will be added on the site of our partners.

What is the revenue from music sales will get my label?

You get 80% of the total fees received, Multiza Distribution commission is only 20%.

In which stores my music label will distribute music?

In all the major portals and stores that we deliver the goods. The current list you can find in the section " Partners ".

Can my record label to sell music of other authors?

Your label that you log into our system, of course, may make the music of other authors, but only provided that you have the rights to publish this content. 

What you need to get started with Multiza Distribution?

To start working with us, you need to create an account, and read the section "Information".