How to sell music on Beatport?

How to sell music on Beatport


Multiza  - is the best solution for musicians, music labels owners and aggregators who wish to sell their works on Beatport. Now you can focus directly on the creation of music, ensuring maximum revenue from its sale at the Beatport, and all other concerns will assume Multiza Distribution.

To date, the Beatport is one of the largest and most important platforms for the dissemination of music. Isprolzuya our platform, you will be able to deliver content around the world. Your music gets on the world's largest portals (such as  Beatport, ITunes, Google, Juno,    Amazon, Spotify, Beatport, 7Digital, and others), and it is no secret that getting into the Beatport guarantees musicians and labels increase awareness on the global music market. Commercial download your content will be available worldwide, 24 hours a day! 

We offer a single contract for the distribution of music of your content, in which there is no hidden fees, which can be terminated at any time at your request. Our system is constantly evolving, and increases the number of sites for the dissemination of music.
All the necessary tools to deliver on the Beatport music, you'll find in your account in your account.

selling music on Beatport
Start to sell their music on Beatport today! Must pass  REGISTRATION .


selling song on Beatport

Multiza Distribution - an automated system for distribution of your digital content in all the world's known online stores including Beatport. Our partners include more than 340 unique sites, and we are constantly looking for new ways to distribute your releases. Publish your music on Beatport, and profit from the sales.


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Placing music on Beatport

How it works

Music sales on Beatport

In order to place your music on the Beatport, as well as in other areas of our service partner, you need to complete the registration and verification of the account. Then you will be able to register their own label, and sell music on Beatport on their own, without intermediaries. Here are answers to common questions, dedicated to the sale of music on Beatport.

What is Beatport?

Beatport - digital online store, founded in 2004, focused primarily on the distribution of electronic music. The portal is widely used DJs to buy a new, relevant music.

Where Beatport will distribute my music?

Beatport allows you to distribute your content worldwide.
Multiza allows you to place the tracks in all regions of Beatport, without limitation territories.

Do you sell in the Beatport music in Russian?

At present, the Beatport only supports English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch.
It is necessary to take this into account when filling out the metadata for your album.

How long does it take to post my music on Beatport?

We deliver your content to Beatport, and other sites within days from the date of publication.
However, check the album content manager on the side of Beatport may take 5-7 days.
That is why we strongly recommend you to plan exit your release in advance.

How much can I earn from selling music on Beatport?

Your earnings will depend on the territory of sale, the number of copies sold. In different regions of the prices vary greatly, for example in the US retail price of a track is $ 0.99, the average price is $ 9.99 per album.

Do I need an account in Beatport, to sell music?

No, for distribution of your content, you only need to register in our system.

How much is the registration Multiza system for the delivery of my songs on Beatport?

Registration in the system is completely free. With prices for the services of the distribution can be found in the section "Prices".

Do I need a US tax ID for music distribution in the Beatport?

No, for the sale of your content, you just need to register with the Multiza system.

What you need to start selling music on Beatport?

To start working with us, you need to create an account, and read the section "Information".